Designing from design

The annual antique car show in Winthrop, Washington, was yesterday. I love photographing the design elements on these old beauties (how easy it is to create solid  compositions from already great designs!). Here are a few of the shots I made.



bel air


wheel 1

air scoop

All images © Brad Skiff




In an era where a photo can be taken and any number of creative filters applied to transform the mundane into awesome, is photography still an art form?

I inherited these fairly common cameras, and I’ve used each at least once. The Konica, as well as the Kodak on the left, both have exceedingly sharp lenses, and my understanding of exposure was vital to produce excellent images with each camera.

Today, I can’t imaging trying to teach photography without digital SLRs. The immediate feedback I can provide to improve both the student photographer’s eye and his/her understanding of settings is transformative. Still, I struggle to help my students to understand that the art of photography lies in making images, not taking them.

Immediate gratification and rapid posts to social media, it seems, have eclipsed the thoughtful machinations which belie sound photography. This artform will fade unless young photographers are taught that craftsmanship and an eye for the significant is more important than a banal image which garners a few hundred likes.

© Brad Skiff


The unseen

Plasma bulb

A plasma ball.

What a wonderful metaphor for school. Students are tendrils of energy reaching, probing for meaning as they mingle in a morass of unfocused potential. Beautiful. Inspiring.

And what is my roll as their teacher? I am the unseen glass which shapes their quixotic aura.

Today was the first day of school in Bridgeport. I think it’s going to be a great year.

© Photo by Brad Skiff

A view of forever

A View to Forever

Normally I avoid direct symmetry, but in this case, I think the even divide between sky and land is significant. These markers are located in the Baird, Washington cemetery.

© Brad Skiff

Waterville Schoolhouse

Waterville School House

This old school was located just a few miles outside of Waterville, Washington. Several years ago it partially collapsed, leaving the farmer no choice but to bring it down. Luckily, I was able to get a few shots of the structure before it was cleared away.

school 2