My America Back

During the rise of the Tea Party, images washed across our screens of angry people with signs that read, “I Want My America Back!” This, naturally, led to the question, “Which America?” The one in which black people still rode in the back of the bus and most of our citizens at least pretended to be devoutly Christian?

Now that many Tea Party officials have risen to prominence in the current Republican Party (thanks largely to gerrymandered districts), we are witnessing firsthand the roll out of their America: border walls, travel bans, a subversive effort to manipulate the Supreme Court to overturn gay rights and Roe v. Wade, and a Religious Liberty Task Force (which, for some suspect reason, most likely means liberty for Christian sects only). Oh, and a return to an America where Russia has a deep influence on our international policies (wait–Russia? Seriously, Republicans, that’s the America you want?). So in my latest cartoon, I borrowed the angry white dude and added a twist.

My America

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