You may have seen this before…

Part of my duties as the art/photography teacher at my high school is to photograph school events. I took this picture in 2013 during a game between  Bridgeport High School and White Swan. The photo subsequently was run in the Omak-Okanogan Chronicle by sports editor Al Camp. The massive individual in the photo is Tony Picard, a 400 pound running back for White Swan. Either he, or a supporter of his, put together a video of action clips showing his dominance at the high school level to drum up recruitment interest, and this photo was used as the first slide (sadly, without my photo credit). After that, this image quickly spread across several national news outlets. If you google “400 pound running back” today, you’ll quickly find my shot.

This is actually a rather strong crop of a wider-angled image, and was taken from about 40 yards away with an 85 mm lens on my Canon 40D.

In the Land of the Giant

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