Deception Pass

This is Deception Pass, which resides between Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands in Washington State. I took this on a fairly gray, uninteresting day, but after working the image, the colors really sang.

I’m no film purist. My problem with film is, and always was, the lack of control I had from shutter-click to final print. With digital, I control the color and values, not some numb nut in a lab hunched over a processing machine with a chart of standard exposure settings in his hand. Sure, the technical know-how to achieve a professional look took years of practice and intimate familiarity with the traits different brands of film possessed. But that fact alone scooted the mastery of photography into the realm of the modestly wealthy, and made true learning a haphazard endeavor for those of us with regular incomes.

“But that’s why photography was an art form,” I’ve heard some say. “Today, any fool can make a great image from preset templates.” I suppose if one were lucky enough to have a color lab at home, and could process the film, control from shutter-click to print might be attained. And while it’s true images may be pleasantly adjusted with a few pre-programmed filters, I maintain the initial skill with composition, and the artist’s sensitivity to colors, values and textures is what makes for extraordinary images.

In a couple of days, I will begin teaching students in my Digital Imaging/Photography course. I will be able to introduce them to DSLRs, their functions and basic composition, then let them scoot around fearlessly making images, knowing we will analyze some of their work later the same period. Like always, they will listen, apply themselves, and eventually, make award-winning images, something my program has been fortunate to produce fairly regularly. Something I’m fairly certain would be taken from my students if traditional film was still King-of-the-Hill…

Deception Pass lr

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