It’s still kind of sharp, though…

The first quarter of school is almost over. I’ve just endured a week of modestly moderated lunacy referred to as “Spirit Week”, and now I feel just like this pencil.

Before I became a teacher, I worked for many years in the so-called “real world.” For a time, I hauled and installed modular office systems for an office supply store, forty hours per week, fifty weeks per year. I was firmly ensconced in the ranks which claimed teachers had it easy, that long summers off, punctuated with every federal holiday imaginable, wasn’t a real occupation. Then I earned my degree.

Never was I as exhausted after twelve months of installing panels and hauling credenzas as I am after teaching an entire school year. Twenty-two years after I left the ranks of those “real-worlders” I can honestly say that teaching is one of the most rewarding, bone-sapping, brain-numbing occupations one can join. I may feel like this pencil right now, but in actuality, I have so much more inside. That’s my mantra, anyways, my motivational bible verse: Brad 54, verse 23: Give until thy youth is spent, and arid is thy mind.

How long until June?

I need a break

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