A war on which holiday?

War on Thanksgiving

The War on Christmas.

It’s a common complaint which echoes in the minds of those who feel the traditions of the holiday have been trampled by the boots of political correctness. “Never mind that Americans hold many diverse beliefs,” they say (and for a long time, I was a vested member of that chorus); “America is being undone by the degradation of those very traditions which gave us a national identity.” I understand those arguments all too well having been raised in a conservative, military town. Yet, the last time I looked, Christmas was doing just fine in America.

Barely have the Halloween decorations been unpacked when stores also begin clearing isle space for that jolly fat man and his assortment of colorful baubles. The lonely faux wreath dangling on a hook above neatly stacked boxes in the middle of the isle is a dead giveaway. But how about that other holiday? The one right between Halloween and Christmas, the one granted a measly half an isle behind the discounted sale items? The one we are supposed to celebrate together, as Americans, and be thankful for the abundance which fills our lives?

Oh, there’s a war on a holiday this time of year, but I fear too many have missed it: the war on Thanksgiving. After all, now retailers open for Black Friday sales right after Thanksgiving dinner (you can skip doing the dishes!). And, for those who wish to avoid unsightly fisticuffs at the stuffed toy isle, you can gleefully max out your credit cards from the comfort of your worn recliner (which, you suddenly notice, can also be replaced with one click of a button). Cyber Monday, hell yeah!

While many fear the boots of political correctness, I guess for me, I fear the boots of crass commercialism and it’s manipulation of American society. And, so I drew this cartoon.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you find peace.

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