An unusual parking spot

This yellow truck is parked next to an old homestead near Pearrygin State Park (a photo of the rest of the homestead may be found in the blog post, “Unsettled”). The first time I photographed this vehicle, it was dilapidated in a manner consistent with its age. Today, visitors have clubbed the light fixtures and front panels horribly.

I took this image with a Hoya 720 nm infrared filter.


My favorite time of day

Many of the students I serve, as well as a few of my colleagues, bemoan the winter and its cold, gray clutch on Eastern Washington. I sympathize with them, but personally, I very much enjoy the snow (I try to find something to love in each season–why hate a quarter of the year?). Watching cars in the parking lot growing white domes, walking home as flakes tickle my cheeks, these are quiet joys for me. And those holiday lights! (I must make an effort to take them down this year before May).

But for my friends, and anyone else who needs a reminder of the warmth that is coming, here is a photo of a July sunset, taken from North Beach at Deception Pass State Park. Dusk is my personal favorite time of day. I hope this comforts some of you, as well.

my favorite time of day



Clouds, bitter in defeat,
retreat to the margins and scheme,
while beaming sun grins at their cowardice.

The sky was really active, so I grabbed my camera and this was the result: an abandoned home in the snow with harsh sunlight taunting the clouds. Taken with a 10-stop neutral density filter.