Yellow, Still

yellow truck

When I was six, I tried to make a fossil. After seeing pictures of ancient leaf imprints in a first grade primer, I sprinted home from the bus stop determined to make a specimen of my own. I found two flat rocks (an obvious requirement, since all the photos showed leaves neatly pressed upon sheared shale), then I plucked a fresh leaf and sandwiched it between the stones. I gently set my soon-to-be fossil by the mailbox and checked it daily.

Obviously, the school lesson that day made an imprint on my mind. Dinosaurs and their remnants dominated my interests for years after, but my puerile experiment was quickly forgotten, since a suitable image did not develop in the week or so demanded by youthful impatience.

As an adult my interests haven’t changed much. I find abandoned wrecks and homesteads just as intriguing as the Stegosaurus bones I imagined I uncovered on City Beach. I often wonder of the life that once flowed through my discoveries as I photograph them. This truck is located at a small farm just outside of Pearrygin Sate Park, near Winthrop, Washington. I have a couple of infrared shots of the vehicle posted in my blog, but here is that particular relic in all of its glorious color.

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