Oh that’s where I parked it!

Oh, THAT'S where I parked it!

This old car sat in a field a few miles from Mansfield, Washington. Standing outside of the farmhouse next to this overgrown plot was a woman holding an infant. Four other children played in the grass nearby. I pulled into the drive and introduced myself as the photography teacher at Bridgeport High School, then asked if I could take a few photos of the vehicle. She kindly agreed, so I returned a short while later with my camera, then gifted several prints to the woman the following day.

I’m glad I stopped. Like so many photographic opportunities, this one would’ve passed by had I not taken an interest, as the car is no longer there. Or, perhaps my visit rekindled the farmer’s plans for this junker? Either way, shortly after my visit, the farmer pulled it from the weeds, parked it by the road with a “For Sale” sign, and it was gone within days. Now, most likely it’s either stashed in a garage as someone’s project, or it’s a rustic adornment full of flowers in a different front yard.

© Brad Skiff

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