What Happened?

Crater of Imbecils

Here’s the cartoon I drew to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing (it ran in the Omak Chronicle this past Wednesday).

This was such an important human moment, earned with tremendous intellectual and inspirational effort, which got me to thinking: What the hell happened to the general population’s science-based reasoning skills in the last 50 years? (After I drew this, I realized I forgot to add Flat Earthers–in fact, there are so many other cockeyed conspiracy theories which deserve a place in that crater that it terrifies me.)

Technical achievements mean little if we selectively believe whatever conveniently agrees with our world view, our religion, our politics…

© Brad Skiff

Wheel and Sparks

Wheel and Sparks

I live in the United States, not the Divided States. Lets put aside all the partisan crap for at least one day…please?

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

(I took this image at the 4th of July celebration in Oak Harbor, Washington a few years ago)

© Brad Skiff


Carnival Knowledge

Around and Around

She is a carnival of lights
her hair a yellow tilt-a-whirl,
her eyes a house of mirrors,
and the air around her swirls
with the dizzy promise of prizes.

So I joined her crazy games,
my skill against her rigged devices:
blunted darts which wobble askew,
bottles defiant of my mighty arm,
and rings too wide to wiggle home.

Finally I stood with pockets defrauded,
in the mirth of prizes unclaimed,
and turned my back on that mocking cacophony–
only to find I was alone in an empty lot
littered with kernels of my dreams.

© Brad Skiff


The Green Place


I’ve reworked my site a bit, including shifting my masthead from blue to green, so this image seemed to celebrate the small change. It was taken at Deception Pass State Park, Whidbey Island, Washington.

© Brad Skiff


143 years ago

I took my son to the Little Big Horn. This was perhaps the best experience I’ve had on the road for some time. The battlefield was well-maintained and very respectful for both sides. I took this shot of two grave markers using an infrared filter.

Wind and Souls

Dark Spoils


Breathe the night that lights your eyes with stars,
for the dreams sequestered in those dark hollows
long for nova. New worlds, swift to the burgeoning
edge, hold for your unspoken hopes, boiling holes
in our universe. Dark spoils hide in every heart,
and every sacred breath that’s held must be released.

Breathe the night that lights your eyes with stars,
for dreams can never birth themselves.

© Brad Skiff