Craters on the Sun. Impossible, but then that’s what creative minds are all about, and since you’re here, let’s take a tour (or if your day’s been hell, perhaps a detour–those are always fun, right?).

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in writing, so naturally I draw opinion cartoons for three newspapers in Washington State. I’m not a cartoonist, though. I just stain paper in humorous ways. Actually, I’m an educator (or, Herder of Hormones, if you prefer), meaning that, by necessity, I’m a full-time observer of the absurd, which gives rise to some of my satirical musings. My fiction and poetry often feature social subtexts and are not crafted solely for action or monetary gain, and my cartoons, well, they speak for themselves. Some of my better creations I post here to provoke, tickle, and perhaps even inspire.

Despite years of far-right indoctrination, my politics are left of center, and that old spigot of vulgarity is occasionally turned lefty-loosey in my writing, so those works are not intended for little ones. I guess it’s like what my cat always says:              (From what I can gather, that’s cat-speak for either Oh well or Scratch my butt).

So if you enjoy opinion cartoons, modest fiction, poetry, and a few cool photos with associated musings, then enter. If you’re of similar mind (or just bent) and have a blog or website, please let me know. I’d love to reciprocate. I hope you enjoy exploring Craters on the Sun!

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