143 years ago

I took my son to the Little Big Horn. This was perhaps the best experience I’ve had on the road for some time. The battlefield was well-maintained and very respectful for both sides. I took this shot of two grave markers using an infrared filter.

Wind and Souls

Another View

I’ve already posted a couple of views of this small pioneer home on Pearl Hill, but here’s one more. I liked the cinematic framing for this shot. The image was taken with an infrared filter on a green, spring day.

two thirty five to one

© Brad Skiff

Shaded Testament

Once I wasn’t,
then I was.
Now I’m wasn’t once again.
Ah, simple physics!
My atoms will rise
with the bursting of this world
to sip starlight.
No paroxysmal dogma wrapped in vespers
could be clearer.
Once I wasn’t,
then I was,
now I’m wasn’t once again–
my shaded testament to all.

Shaded Plot

© Brad Skiff
Photo taken with a Hoya 720 nm infrared filter at Sunnyside Cemetery, Whidbey Island, Washington.


A tree never travels until it dies.
It captains a vista
or cloisters in the shadows
like a resolute monk fettered to the land
some Calvinist hand fingered for its seed.
The speed of our rings to the girth of his
spawns envy for the boughs that shade our lusts;
gratitude and grandeur bestowed to the naïve
who views so little of the world,
blankly pondering nothing.


Infrared photograph taken with a Hoya IR 720 nm filter.
© Brad Skiff

Twisted thicket

This small stand of trees is located on Dyer Hill, not too far from my home. The wind was strong, and since I use an infrared filter on my camera (as opposed to a full IR conversion), exposure times often run several seconds. The tree tops are blurry for this reason.

The Stand

Taken with a Hoya IR 720 nm filter

The Fear of Dyer

Don’t take my picture, please, I’m not at my best.
The rest of my town was taken by fire, and I fear
now the awkward celebrity mired in my lines.

Leave me to the sage of Dyer Hill. Promise you’ll delete
that photo, just as age withers the lies of triumphant love,
gloved to the souls who trusted in me.


House on Dyer Hill
Taken with a Hoya infrared 720nm filter

An unusual parking spot

This yellow truck is parked next to an old homestead near Pearrygin State Park (a photo of the rest of the homestead may be found in the blog post, “Unsettled”). The first time I photographed this vehicle, it was dilapidated in a manner consistent with its age. Today, visitors have clubbed the light fixtures and front panels horribly.

I took this image with a Hoya 720 nm infrared filter.