Waterville Schoolhouse

Waterville School House

This old school was located just a few miles outside of Waterville, Washington. Several years ago it partially collapsed, leaving the farmer no choice but to bring it down. Luckily, I was able to get a few shots of the structure before it was cleared away.

school 2


Rusty Rider

Rusty Rider

A few years ago, we found an old bike frame in the weeds at the homestead near Pearrygin Lake State Park. I set it up against one of the out buildings for contrast.

The Fear of Dyer

Don’t take my picture, please, I’m not at my best.
The rest of my town was taken by fire, and I fear
now the awkward celebrity mired in my lines.

Leave me to the sage of Dyer Hill. Promise you’ll delete
that photo, just as age withers the lies of triumphant love,
gloved to the souls who trusted in me.


House on Dyer Hill
Taken with a Hoya infrared 720nm filter

Forgotten, and gone…

“Gone, but not forgotten” is a common sentiment on headstones I encounter as I photograph cemeteries. But there are other rotting, non-human corpses all around my town: homesteads and barns of the first settlers of Eastern Washington. Today, wildfire is endangering a couple of nearby communities, a reminder that we are very much at the mercy of nature. That is one reason I take the time to find and record these old structures. The one above was destroyed by fire two years ago. Except for perhaps this image, it is forgotten, and now gone.